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YMC Helper Recruitment for Session 2017/18


**Welcome for YMC helper registration for session 2017/18**

Programme Highlights

Enjoy the activities organized by the YMC? Wish to participate more than solely attending our fruitful events? Want to make a difference in enriching your engineering life by making friends from other engineering disciplines?  What are you waiting for? Join us and register as a YMC helper and help organize different activities with the opportunity to enhance your communication, management as well as leadership skills! The YMC family will provide all you need!

In session 2017/2018, YMC will continue to organize activities in 12 areas through the leadership of the committee members.   You are invited to join the group(s) that you are most interested in:

Students Promotion Group


To provide secondary and tertiary students with information on their career prospects in Engineering

Graduates Promotion Group


To assist engineering graduates in their professional development and keys to professional assessment

Seminars Group


To organize seminars of a multi-disciplinary nature with focus on technical aspects

Visits Group


To organize visits of a multi-disciplinary nature with focus on technical aspects


Technical Programme Group


To organize activities (including seminars, workshops and visits) of other professions e.g. Law, medic, architecture...etc.

Community Services Group


To enhance members' awareness in the society through participation in community services with other NGOs.

Sports & Recreations Group


To promote healthy living to all members through sports and recreational activities

Social Culture & Arts Group


To Promote appreciation on social culture and sense of art to members and uplift the lifestyle of our members

Public Relations Group


To promote collaboration among various professional institutions, either engineering or non-engineering institutions.

Publicity and Webmaster Group




To broadcast activities organized by Committee Members and keep members update on YMCs development;

To design, update and maintain the YMC homepage and promote interaction between Committee Members and RYMs through the internet

Social Affairs Group


To Raise awareness of our members to hot topic (e.g. Land problem, smart city...etc.)

Human Resources Group


To recruit new YMC members to join RYM and YMC helpers and connect the helpers with committee.


Registration & Enquiries

For registration, please complete the registration form at https://goo.gl/forms/VdAB6XaC5gYIdY7P2. The personal information will be maintained for communication for 3 years.  For enquries, please contact Mr. Alan Lam at hkieymc.hrg@gmail.com.

We need you!!




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