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Webinar on the Secret of Tesla Battery Technology

Date, time & venue

2021-07-28;19:00 – 20:30;Webinar

Programme Highlights

To drive the energy transition from non-renewable energy to sustainable energy, sustainable transportation is an inevitable trend for humankind. Tesla, one of the leading energy companies, has been playing an important role to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) transition.


In this webinar, Ms. Tania WONG would start with the business overview of Tesla. Mr. Adrian WONG  would then introduce Tesla Battery Management System, followed by Mr. Marco LEUNG’s sharing on the technology and development of Tesla Superchargers. Finally, Mr. Alvin CHAN would briefly talk about the enterprise strategy of Tesla.






Ms. Tania WONG,

Human Resources Manager, Tesla


Mr. Adrian WONG,

Technical Training Instructor, Tesla


Mr. Marco LEUNG,

Business Development Manager, Tesla


Mr. Alvin CHAN,

Enterprise Manager, Tesla



Registration & Enquiries

The number of participants is limited to 490 and prior registration is required. The seminar is free of charge and application will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to Registered Young Members. For registration, please complete the online application form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxTB3nMpWKKtKKlI1IUwwX8NgXKeP9fV8baMHv8_EtDxCnrQ/viewform?usp=pp_url . Successful applicants will be notified by email.


For enquiries, please contact Miss Amanda Leung by e-mail: hkie.seminarsgroup@gmail.com





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