Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
    23/01/2019 Seminar Seminar on Building Virtually for Eternity
    26/01/2019 Specials Heritage Tour –「異靈一九」‧鬼同你遊灣仔古蹟 (Jointly organised by YMC and CPDC)
    26/01/2019 Visit OD2019: Technical Visit to Occasion Renewable Resources Company Limited (Jointly organized by YMC and CPDC)
    12/02/2019 Seminar Young or Ready Series: A Route to become a Professional Environmental Engineer (Jointly Organized by YMC and EVD)
    21/02/2019 Seminar OD2019:揭開聖地面紗 - 以色列的歷史文化及其創科之路 (青年會員事務委員會及持續專業進修事務委員會聯合主辦)
    22/02/2019 Workshop Joint Professional Event: Wine & Cheese Pairing (Jointly organized by the HKIE-YMC, CIArb-YMG, CIBSE-YEN, HKIS-YSG and ICE-HKA-G&S)
    19/03/2019 Delegation Overseas Delegation 2019 to Israel – Innovation • Infrastructure • Investment (Jointly organized by YMC and CPDC)
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