Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
    22/10/2017 Community Services Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours 2017 – Team YMC
    26/10/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar: Impact of Regional Transboundary PM 2.5 Pollution on Hong Kong: Application of Source Tagging Method (Jointly organized by YMC and ENV)
    29/10/2017 Specials HKIE-YMC Helpers’ Orientation and Reunion Day 2017
    30/10/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar: Reviving Remote Villages – Why and How? (Jointly organized by EVD, YMC and AMC)
    04/11/2017 Visit Technical Visit to North East New Territories (NENT) Landfill
    04/11/2017 Visit Joint Professional Architectural Tour Walk (Tsim Sha Tsui District)
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