Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   20/11/2022 Workshop Workshop on Life Scenario Planning (人生沙盤推演)
   19/11/2022 Visit Technical Visit to Kam Sheung Road Craft Exchange Center (錦上路工藝交流中心) (Jointly organised by HKIE YMC and Australian Institute of Building)
   14/11/2022 Workshop Workshop on Understanding Your Genuine Character - 16 Personalities (十六型人格)
   22/10/2022 Workshop Professional Short Course: The Role of Nuclear Energy to Carbon Neutrality (Organized by HKIE-NED, Supported by HKIE-YMC, HKIE-EGD, HKARMS, HKNS, HKAMP, IMechE-HK)
   22/10/2022 Visit Technical Visit to Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works Relocation Project
   21/10/2022 Seminar Technical Seminar on Green Technology – Carbon Capture Paint and Odour Remover
   08/10/2022 Community Services Volunteering Service on Sight Guide to M+ Museum (Jointly organized with Hong Kong Blind Union)
   08/10/2022 Specials Helper Orientation Day
   26/09/2022 Community Services Workshop on Volunteering Skills: Understanding People with Visual Impairment (Jointly-organized with Hong Kong Blind Union)
   03/09/2022 Visit Visit to the Kai Tak Sports Park (25 Years of Design) Exhibition
   22/08/2022 Seminar Young or Ready Series - A Route to become a Professional Environmental Engineer (Jointly organized by YMC and EVD)
   23/07/2022 Specials Helper Reunion Night
   14/07/2022 Seminar Webinar on “Design and Construction of Modern Data Centres”
   10/07/2022 Community Services Be the Future Engineer STEM Workshop - “Joyful Connection in San Po Kong” Community Support Project (Co-organised with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service)
   04/07/2022 Seminar The HKIE Young Members Committee Annual Seminar 2022- My Journey into Web 3, the Metaverse and its Opportunities
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