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   17/11/2018 Specials Heritage Tour - 舊灣仔奮鬥史 × 本土「手作仔」工業 (Jointly organised by YMC and CPDC)
   10/11/2018 Visit Technical Visit to Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (jointly organised by CHAAE & HKIE-YMC)
   10/11/2018 Workshop Workshop on Business Etiquette and Attire (Jointly organized by YMC and CPDC)
   06/11/2018 Workshop Workshop on Presentation Skills (Jointly organised by the HKIE YMC & CPDC)
   31/10/2018 Seminar 內蒙古自治區工程文化考察分享會
   27/10/2018 Visit Technical Visit to Wo Lee Ping Che Fabrication and Distribution Center
   25/10/2018 Delegation 成都地質災害防治工程與文化保育考察團 (由青年會員事務委員會及岩土分部聯合主辦)
   22/10/2018 Workshop 工程普通話工作坊 (青年會員事務委員會及持續專業進修事務委員會聯合主辦)
   22/10/2018 Workshop Workshop on Professional Writing - Essential Skills to become 'Ir' (Jointly Organized by YMC and CPDC)
   21/10/2018 Specials Construction Industry Sports Day and Charity Fun Day 2018
   30/09/2018 Community Services Volunteering Service and Visit to Animal Caring Centre
   28/09/2018 Seminar Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes (jointly organised by AMC, CAD, EVD & YMC; supported by HKCAC)
   27/09/2018 Seminar Young or Ready Series: A Route to become a Professional Mechanical Engineer (Jointly Organized by YMC and MMNC Division)
   22/09/2018 Visit Technical Visit to CLP Black Point Power Station
   15/09/2018 Community Services Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit (with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service)
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