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   22/01/2019 Seminar 成都地質災害防治工程與文化保育考察團簡報會 (由青年會員事務委員會及岩土分部聯合主辦)
   19/01/2019 Visit Technical Visit to WEEE.Park and K Wah Construction Products Limited Recycling Workshop
   16/01/2019 Seminar Technical Seminar on Smart Metering Development
   07/01/2019 Seminar Applied Enneagram in Workplace (九型人格)
   05/01/2019 Specials Leadership Training Camp – Breakthrough (Jointly organised by the HKIE CPDC and YMC)
   29/12/2018 Visit Technical Visit to Hong Kong Science Park
   22/12/2018 Workshop One-day Workshop – “From Thinking to Critical Thinking”
   19/12/2018 Seminar Soft skills for career advancement and career coaching for success (Jointly organised by HKIE-MI Division and YMC)
   15/12/2018 Visit 青年會員探索大灣區系列:華為技術有限公司 (青年會員事務委員會及持續專業進修事務委員會聯合主辦)
   11/12/2018 Seminar Briefing on Implementation of the Competence-based Professional Assessment (Jointly Organized by Young Members Committee and the Working Group on the Competence-based Project)
   08/12/2018 Workshop Workshop on Financial Management (Jointly organized by HKIE-CPDC and HKIE-YMC)
   08/12/2018 Specials Heritage Tour – 老紅磡發跡史‧消失的電廠和船塢
   07/12/2018 Specials Joint Society Christmas Party 2018: SPY Alliance - The Secret Mission (Jointly organized by HKIE-YMC, AES-YES, ASCE, ASHRAE-YMC, ICE HKA G&S, IET-YMS, HKIPE, and IMechE-YMS)
   02/12/2018 Specials Ecotour to Geopark - 世界地質公園火山岩園區及白腊探索之旅 (由YMC及CPDC合辦)
   01/12/2018 Community Services Brighten the Children’s Home 2018
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