Activity Reports
  Date Document Title  
  2019-01-07 Hong Kong Young Engineers Fostering Partnership on International Stage
  2018-04-17 Young or Ready Series : A Route to become a Professional Electrical Engineer
  2018-03-23 Young or Ready Series: Dialogue with Experienced Building Services Engineers
  2018-03-17 Technical Visit to DSD Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme
  2018-03-12 Workshop on Professional Writing - Essential Skills to become ‘Ir’
  2018-03-06 Workshop on Public Speaking
  2018-03-03 Technical Visit at T-PARK
  2018-01-29 Seminar on Smart Dining Out
  2018-01-10 Technical Seminar on Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong
  2018-01-06 Technical Visit to Central Mail Centre (Kowloon Bay)
  2017-12-09 Technical Visit to Chemical Waste Treatment Centre
  2017-11-20 Workshop on Professional Writing – Essential Skills to become “Ir”
  2017-11-16 HKIE-YMC’s Delegation to Thailand for the CAFEO 35
  2017-11-04 Technical Visit to North East New Territories (NENT) Landfill
  2017-10-26 Seminar: Impact of Regional Transboundary PM 2.5 Pollution in Hong Kong
  2017-10-16 Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment
  2017-09-20 Technical Seminar: Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) Technologies
  2017-09-14 Technical Seminar: Infrastructure to Support Wider Adoption of Green Motoring in Hong Kong
  2017-09-13 Young or Ready Series: A Route to become a Professional Environmental Engineer
  2017-09-01 Smart Analytical Optimization Tools for Building Management System
  2017-08-11 Mobile Apps for Construction Safety and Quality Management
  2017-07-29 Technical Visit to CUHK Jockey Club Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre
  2017-06-24 Technical Visit to M+ Museum
  2017-06-14 Joint Professional Visit to LinkedIn
  2017-05-06 Technical Visit to Lamma Power Station
  2016-04-13 Technical Seminar on Land Reclamation for our Airport
  2016-03-24 Seminar on Site Safety, Hygiene and First Aid Care (ppt)
  2016-02-15 Seminar on Land Reclamation for our Airport (ppt)
  2016-01-06 Seminar on Environmental Assessment on the Expansion of HKIA into a Three-Runway System (ppt)
  2015-10-05 Seminar on The Potential to become a Smart City for Hong Kong (ppt)
  2015-07-10 Seminar on Living with Water, Building with Nature (Jointly organized by The HKIE-YMC and CPDC)
  2015-06-29 Technical Seminar on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Its Recent Development in Hong Kong
  2015-06-09 磨砂玻璃燭台製作班
  2015-05-30 The 30th Anniversary Special Event - Sharing With the Secretary for Transport and Housing
  2015-05-25 Technical Visit to Hong Kong International Airport – Midfield Concourse
  2015-05-25 Technical Visit to The CUHK Jockey Club Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre (MISSC)
  2015-04-14 Besides Negotiation, Managing Your Boss and Building a Collaborative Team
  2015-04-10 南丫中西文化兩岸遊
  2015-04-08 Seminar on health study 四季養生
  2014-12-07 Young or Ready Series 1: A Route to become a Professional Civil Engineer
  2014-11-26 Terrarium DIY Workshop
  2014-11-17 Technical Visit for 3D Printing at Dynamic Technologies Service Ltd. (DTSL)
  2014-07-10 The 29th Annual Seminar & Annual Dinner
  2013-11-11 2013香港青年專業人士珠澳考察團