Introduction to the Committee


The Young Members Committee (YMC) is responsible to the Learned Society Board for the promulgation of activities of a technical and social nature for the Registered Young Members (RYMs), defined as members of the Institution who are at or below the age of 35 and registered under YMC.




To organise technical meetings, visits, and other events for the benefit of RYMs


To organise social functions for RYMs with a view to increase their awareness of the engineering profession and the Institution


To encourage RYMs to participate in Institution affairs


To encourage students and graduates in Engineering and related disciplines to join the Institution


To undertake such other activities as may further the aims and objectives of the Institution with particular regard to its RYMs

The YMC has 12 Working Groups to achieve the above aims and to benefit our RYMs.


Students Promotion Group


To provide secondary and tertiary students with information on their career prospects in Engineering

Graduates Promotion Group


To assist engineering graduates on their professional development

Seminars Group


To organise multi-disciplinary technical seminars

Visits Group


To organise multi-disciplinary technical visits

Non-technical Programme Group


To organise activities on general professional matters and professions other than engineering

Community Services Group


To enhance members' awareness in the society through participation in community services

Sports & Recreation Group


To promote healthy living to RYMs through sports and recreational activities

Social Culture & Arts Group


To organise activities to uplift the lifestyle of RYMs by promotion of appreciation on social culture and sense of art

Public Relations Group


To maintain interaction and collaboration with other professional institutions

Publicity and Webmaster Group


To promote YMC and activities organised by the Committee members through internet media and to promote interaction between Committee Members and RYMs through the internet.

Special Events Group


To identify and coordinate special events, international conference participation and events under President's theme

Human Resources Group


To monitor members’ feedback on YMC’s activities and to recruit members and helpers