Chairman's Message

It has been my pleasure to be elected as the Chairman of the Young Members Committee (YMC) for Session 2020/2021. Throughout my journey in YMC, I have received countless opportunities to explore and challenge myself, to gain knowledge and exposure, and to work with different people inside and outside of the institution. YMC has been one of the platforms where I grow to be who I am now, and I hope it can also take an irreplaceable position for many of our young members in their life journeys. Nonetheless, the nurturing environment could not bring out its fullest potential without the incentive of individuals. Our growth should be self-initiated and self-motivated. As such, I have chosen “Paving our path of self-mastery: appreciate-advance-transform” as the theme of my chairmanship.


Self-mastery is the ability to steer our future to our choosing after developing the vision of future self. It builds on an iterative cycle for one to appreciate his strengths and weakness, to advance them, and take a step forward to transform. YMC will encourage young members to explore and seek for self-advancement in this session, while we provide means of support and momentum to bring out the best of our members.


Humans are gregarious by nature. Oneself is an individual yet wears a different hat in each of his role and identity. It is my belief that every individual promulgates his unique traits and vibes to his belonging units and social circles. Our young members will bring the better version of themselves, gather under the hut of YMC, and contribute in bringing the institution and the engineering industry to a higher elevation.

At last, I would like to leave a quote of Leonardo da Vinci -One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself”.