Chairman’s Message
It is a great honour to serve young members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) as Chairman of the Young Members Committee (HKIE-YMC).  

Building on last year’s efforts to redefine engineering, we must continue the great work and “Step Out‧Step Up” in the new session.  Every generation of engineers have their own challenges, and inevitably they all ponder what the future has in store.  Getting comfortable with a new environment and overcoming hurdles are easier said than done.  

In a rapidly changing world, we need to Step Out of the box and Step Up to be bold for creative solutions.  Technological advancements have opened many doors for us, and it is crucial that the engineering community leverages technology in our workflows.

We must also locate ourselves on the map.  The HKIE-YMC will continue to support members in building up global views through delegation trips.  If our city were to flourish under the fledging Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area initiatives, we must deepen our understanding of the concepts with first-hand experience.

As the HKIE-YMC, we strive to better serve our members.  With around 8000 student members, 7900 graduate members and 1700 corporate members under the age of 35, we are a diverse community.  To cater for the different needs of our members, we will tap into the thinking of our members and connect with them.

Expertise is built on experience, and experience is built on exposure.  I sincerely hope that the HKIE-YMC can be the ones to hold the door for our young members as we Step Out to explore together.

Ir TANG Whai Tak
Chairman (Session 2018/2019)